Equestrian Images

An important note regarding 'Events' Images.

Due to the volume of pictures involved (one day at a show is typically in excess of 3500 images) it is not practical for me to fully edit all images prior to upload to my site. In order to get the images up quickly for viewing I undertake only basic image editing (deleting the shots that fall short of my desired quality and applying some global adjustments) pre-upload.

The images available for purchase in these galleries reflect this approach. If you wish me to 'finesse' the presentation of any image that you wish to buy, such as applying specific exposure adjustments and image cropping/levelling, then I ask that you e-mail me with the event, day, ring, class and height info along with the picture numbers. Please do this before adding to any basket and purchase - adjustments will not be possible post-purchase. Do not complete your order at this point. I will then complete my edit of these images, upload the edited files to the gallery and send you an e-mail to notify you that the images are available for purchase. Please do advise me of any specific wishes, such as a particular crop, etc. For most images this 'final polish' makes only a slight difference, but for other images the changes can be quite dramatic - if in doubt ask me to review the images ;) If you have a black/dark coated horse I suggest you ask me to review your images!

The exception to this will be all candid and requested images - which will be fully edited prior to upload as before.